The power to track calls and clients so no opportunity falls through the cracks

Do you forget calls or to follow up with clients? Do you have a long list of prospects to manage? Or, is keeping track of business opportunities one of your weakness? Then, worry no more as ContactHero® is here to help you!

Keeping in touch or strengthening relationships is very important. For this reason, ContactHero will give you heroic powers to track clients, calls, notes and tasks so no business opportunities can fall through the cracks. It is a business tool which is designed to help you simplify your life and make you a master at follow up leading to more money and sales. That is why it is perfect for sales people, mobile professionals, consultants, and anyone who is always on the go.

But, what makes ContactHero different? With it, you will be able to improve your ability to track business contacts and prospects. You can plan who you want or need to call. Plus, you will have a complete detailed history of calls, notes, tasks and outbound email messages which are made each time you contact a particular person at your fingertips.

There are many complicated and pricey web based CRMs. But, typically, their mobile clients, if they exist at all, were designed as an afterthought delivering a poor experience. And there are also mobile apps out there, but with no web companion solution. So, there is no need for you to install or pay for another CRM to help you manage everything in your business. With ContactHero, its a breeze to keep track of everything from calls to messages on desktop and mobile!

Due to this, there are no reasons why you should not consider trying ContactHero for free. ContactHero includes an excellent mobile client as well as a website, and even a smart watch app, that all work together seamlessly and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become a master at follow up !

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"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for ContactHero and your personal attention to my needs as a customer. ContactHero has changed the way I look at relationship building and maintenance and has truly been a savior. It is the missing link of contact management that adds functionality no regular address book can match with a simplicity that makes the more complicated and expensive programs obsolete by making things simple. If you are an independent entrepreneur, consultant, salesman, or just anyone who values their relationships enough to invest $10 a month in them, than ContactHero is for you."
Matthew Malek
"ContactHero is kind of like having a sales manager standing behind you when you are working on the phone. It makes sure that you make calls to those prospects and customers you need to call. There is no falling thru the cracks. Because it doesn't let you create the cracks in the first place. And it is very simple to use, unlike some that are TEN times as much to use per month and $600 a year less to use on the iPhone! It is kind of like sales Survivor, it helps you to outwit, outlast and outplay your competition."
John Waller

No Dropped Communications

Improve your follow through.

ContactHero makes it hard to ever forget an import call again. You can easily schedule and track calls from your phone or web browser anywhere. Listen to your voice mail and enter your call backs on one screen. The "Add Quick Contact" box lets you enter all the important details including scheduling a call to make in one step.

Then later using your iPhone or other smartphone tick off these calls wherever you are during the day. A complete history is tracked that can be exported to Excel.

Be Mobile

Take what you enter into ContactHero with you on the road without having to worry about sync'ing or carrying anything.

Because ContactHero is entirely cloud based you can access it from any web browser, your iPhone or even at someone else's computer or a hotel. Your phones dies, or is lost or stolen? Not a problem.

Your address book is stored securely online, not on a device that can be lost. You can also export your ContactHero contacts out at anytime because your data belongs to you.

Manage Your Contacts

ContactHero provides all the tools you need and expect in an effective, affordable customer relationship management (CRM) system ideal for small business owners, sales people, consultants, and mobile professionals.

It tracks calls, keeps unlimited time-stamped notes per contact, and even sends out emails for you. Don't pay over $500 per user per year for comparable capabilities elsewhere when you can save money by using ContactHero for only $10 per month.

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